George Esqueda and Maxine Bolf

George Esqueda and Maxine Bolf

Maxine Bolf and George Esqueda, the artists and founders of EYEVIEW CREATIONS, share with you the world through their eyes. By applying their inspiration and talent, they imprint visual joy and beauty for the beholder. This is what defines EyeView Creations. EyeView Creations brings you original color photography that is artistry at its best. Photographs taken at stunning sites around the world are available as prints for your viewing pleasure at home or at work.

Maxine Bolf and her partner in life, George Esqueda, residents of Alameda, CA for more than 20 years, had long-standing careers in the high technology industry. They have reinvented themselves by honoring their artistic sides.

While high tech was challenging mentally, they discovered their life’s passion through the lens. Now, life is more balanced spiritually by pursuing their artistic endeavors. Capturing photographic images in and around the Bay Area, and throughout the U.S. and Europe, enriches their souls, and, they hope, will enrich yours. Discover for yourself their brilliantly colored photographs that capture the essence of their journeys. As you gaze upon their creations you find yourself transported to the exquisite sites they have discovered for you.

Through their eyes, artists Maxine and George embrace the charm and warmth the world has to offer. Enjoy their artistry in your home or business for an experience of timeless beauty. The photographs also make thoughtful gifts for those special people in your life.

Maxine and George highly recommend anyone wanting to travel to Europe on a
photography tour to visit :

Prints are available to accommodate any room.